At Home Project


A group project in co-ordination with engineering students to develop a home automation system. This system was developed in order to remove the redundancy of different apps for different devices. This would not only make the learning curve minimal, but also make the home automation system simple and accessible to all the age groups


  • We interviewed 12 participants. Some of the participants were interviewed individually by the team members, while other interviews were conducted in a group of two. After finishing the interview session, the team met within 48 hours for the further discussion.
  • We interviewed participants aged between 23 and 65 years from varied occupations ranging from graduate student to a marketing manager .
  • The next step was to identify the priorities and requirements of the participants who are interested to know about the features of the product.
  • We asked the participants about their personal choice of needs, and the features they would want to use or would like to see in the home automation.
  • We generated about 244 affinity notes for the atomic diagram which were initially grouped according to the participants but were later regrouped according to their affinity.
  • For the blue level notes, we eliminated the repetitions and grouped them under temporary labels. We categorized our audience in 5 primary groups i.e. tech savvy group, a group for whom comfort is important, a group for whom security is important, a group who wants the interface to be really simple (Anti persona) and the last group who would want the master control of the system (requires different profiles).
  • We regrouped the blue notes in the above mentioned categories to derive the pink and the green notes.
  • In total the whole exercise generated around 380 affinity notes.


For detailed wireframes and project visit:

For detailed wireframes and project visit:

Group Members: Rootwa Sagar, Chandan Mahapatra, Trina Ray and Sangram Pawar

All the work is Copyrights of Rootwa Sagar