Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) systems available in the market

are industrial and administration centric. In contrast, the clinician patient

interaction is organic, idiosyncratic and personalized. Thus, when clinicians try to record this personalized interaction with an EHR, they encounter an inflexible, unresponsive categorical structure that

accommodate the flow of the clinical encounter. Thus this information rich

interaction is reduced to a generalized, bland description common all over the system. This ultimately limits and frustrates the clinicians and strangles potential creativity, perception and individuality of the practitioner and the patient.


In addition, the patient is certain to feel left out because he/she would not understand anything going on in the EHR system due to its complex and overwhelming structure. Thus, I am tried to to design a system that a patient could understand and the clinician can interact with comfortably, thus co-creating the patient charts. You can view the full project here



All the work is Copyrights of Rootwa Sagar